Friday, September 16, 2011

Cleaning off the desktop

A sampling of 6 out of the hundreds of images on my desktop. I think these all share a similar feel.

Keith Davis Young Crop of album art for the band Blue Kabuki

Paper Rad "Untitled (Homer Simpson)"
I haven't thought about Paper Rad in years, and then this fine piece of work popped up.

Found this cell phone pic floating around the net. I saw it before I went to the Minnesota State Fiar, and wanted to see it IRL, but couldn't find it. A lot of the sinage inside the buildings are made out of this great 3D glitter type.

Drawing by Minna Gilligan. Discovered her through the new Rookie Mag, where she has illustrations accompanying posts. View more drawings on her

Shuli Sadé "Regrown
This piece is a lot different than the rest of Sadé's work which ranges from architectural photography to paintings.

Love this series of advertisements that were published in Vita.Mn for the Lake Harriet Movies and Music series. Can't find a credit, but I am 99% they were made by Dan Black, of Land Land.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photo Booth Diary #5

It's been too long! How about an update in my Photo Booth Diary series? Here's how I described this back in 2009 when I posted my first one "...I hope others will share their own. I pulled 16 Photobooth pics, that are self portraits, and made a 4x4 contact sheet. They are better if you don't edit out the embarrassing ones."