Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cult of Flowers

I've been getting into flowers pretty heavily this year, and I am considering it for the subject matter of my senior project. Currently I am collecting any and all info about flowers, (cultural associations/uses/whatever.) Let me know if you got some dirt on flowers. For instance, in my Native American art class I learned about "THE CULT OF FLOWERS", which in brief is when the Native Americans adopted floral imagery from the Europeans for use in their bead work. I scanned in these drawings from my sketchbook, which are a bit different from my usually way of drawing. These are of my orchid plant in my room, so they are still life's, I guess.

Oh No! They got all closed up!

Whew! They opened back up.

This is not an orchid, where did this come from?

This I scaned in because every time I flip through my sketchbook in class to find what page I'm on, this page inevitable plops open for all to see. It's somewhat embarrasing, but not really.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Leaves & the 21st Century

I just scanned in this screen print I did last year and wanted to share it with the Internet. It was just a test print, but as you all know success is often unintentional (a.k.a. happy accidents.) I was printing leaves and tested it on some paper that Natalie had test printed her brown eggs on, that accompanied a chicken. It turned out rather magical.

I scanned that in because I thought it would work well as a background for the Illustration I'm working on. This brings us to the 21st Century part: Digital Illustrations! I have colored 3 illustrations digitally so far this semester, which is rare for me, BUT I'm getting into it. I do all the line work by hand, and then scan in and color it with the wacom tablet. In this last one I scanned in textures, and the leaf print so it wouldn't be so flat. It is for 4 events going on in Mpls on a random weekend (Rauschenberg show, hip hop dance, comic con, and Prairie Home Companion) ALSO we could only use pink, yellow, & green. Still not sure about the pink.

This is the first digital piece of the semester, "Berger Hauler" or "The Perfect Summer" about a dude (Will Hayes) who steals a bus for the summer and camps out in a parking lot.

This is about a forest by my house.


Thursday, October 9, 2008


I started doing some collages for Graphic Design, and they were fun. I copied a million images on the photocopier in various sizes from the image file in the library. This bird is part of a poster for a bird sanctuary.

I thought that^^^ looked sweet, so I wanted to do it again ASAP, and I did for the liner pages of my music catalog for type, HOWEVER, it was very much rejected, not right for the catalog. BUT I still like them.