Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rives BFK Tan, Rives BFK Gray, & India Ink

These images are from spring semester, mostly for Critical Studies. Portraits, fashiony things, my mom, and of course acne. These are some of the first ones:

I hate the one on the left, (below) but Natalie liked it better then the ones I actually thought were good, so I will post it.

Here is the one I like by itself.

Here's some of my fave faces on warmer paper.

The rest of these images are from one huge piece of Rives BFK tan that I folded into 18 rectangles. I don't have an image of the whole thing, but here are most of them broken up into singles, doubles, triples, or quads.

That's all the art for now. As far as my personal life goes: School starts soon and I'm excited to see everyone who's been away. I cut Whit's hair really short, and it makes me want to cut mine, Abby's moving back in and that is good news.

A long time comin'

It's been a while since I've posted, but now I have a lot of stuff to show. This first set of drawings is from this summer, it's two drawings side by side, ball point pen on this weird glossy paper and yellow marker. I didn't know what I was doing when I started the first one, but the theme came out very naturally, (sexy stuff, girls, flowers, hands) and I continued it on to the second page. I picture it as a centerfold for a zine or something with more portraits of girls with the name of a flower, like Rose or Daisy.

This painting is on a glossy fabric sample, and it's not necessarily totally finished, but it was what got me started on all those nude women paintings on wood I posted earlier.

I'm going to move on to a new post to split up the artwork.