Saturday, April 25, 2009


(I made this last year but I just re-colored it and cropped it. )

Friday, April 3, 2009


Break has been spent mostly on Senior project, other homework, and some fun. First I will show you my solution for a "3d illustration" brief. After a lot of deliberation and anguish I decide I would make my roommates and I riding birds. This first photo is the final, and the one bellow it is  a 'behind the scenes' polaroid by binnes. 

Below is a screenshot of the liner pages I'm working on for the Cult of Flowers publication. I plan to make it more of a pattern, with small flowers and names under the portraits. However, It kind of took forever to draw 11 portraits I was happy with and thought captured at least some of the likeness of the person, so I wanted to show it now. For fun, why not click the picture to make it bigger and see if you recognize anybody? (Hint: they are all musicians)ANSWERS: DONT LOOK UNLESS YOU ARE PLAYING THE GAME AND ALREADY GUESSED:
Top row Left to Right: Cat Power, Karen O, CocoRosie, and Nico. Middle row: Beth Ditto and JD Samson. Bottom row: Blondie, Betty Davis, Peaches, and Patti Smith. 

I will close with two pictures from the lovely COF photo shoot, up top is Jordan, and on the bottom is the deadly M.B.