Wednesday, October 14, 2009

10 Little Things

1) Adorably illustrated graduation card from my Grandma.
2)"WILD" Intaglio print by Abigail Mullen.
3) Last shot of a photobooth picture strip from the Turf Club.
4) Ticket to a performance of "The Lion King" at a young student's house.
5) A piece of a "Regular" box of tampons.
6) Love Letters mailbox eraser on a headphones jack.
7) Jody Williams book, open to my favorite spread.
8) My collection of Arc's Value Village tags.
9) Picture of my mom.
10) Many years old newspaper clipping of Elliott Smith.

1) Gathered 10 little things from around your room that are special for some reason.
2) Arrange them and scan all at once. If you don't have a scanner you could lay them out in a rectangle and take a picture. Tip: I realized after I did it that it would probably look good if you put a solid colored piece of paper on top of the objects, to get a nice background.
3) Number them, and write short descriptions, or just labels.
4) Post and share with you WWW friends!
(note: I got a piece of spam mail, and the subject was "To my WWW friend" and now I want to use it.)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Flowers for Feminism"

I'm proud to announce that the art director from Bitch Magazine (Briar Levit) has blogged about my publication Cult of Flowers on the Bibliobitch Blog (Bitch's literary focused blog.) It's really exciting to hear someone else describe COF besides myself! I've read Bitch since high school, and it has been an inspiration for me personally and for the creation of COF. I hope everyone who was involved in COF check's this out and knows I couldn't of done it without them. I also set up a 'shop' to sell some copies of COF on my website. P.S. I also recently added a sketchbook section too!