Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Winter Break Update

Here are a few things I've been up to over break. Whitney and I got digital cameras! Hers is very nice, (see below), mine is ok.

On Colin's Birthday the power went out for a few hours.

I got a jewlery tree (like lauren.)

My drawing table finnaly got some attention.

Some white board fun: Whitney at Track and Field day 1997, and no we did not get a cat for Christmas.

Friday, December 12, 2008

More documentation from my trip to New Orleans, I bought a 10 pack of Polaroids and used them sparingly. Photos include: a haunted mansion I stayed at, a family crab boil, and some textures at a graveyard and hurricane destroyed house.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Orleans Part One: Swamp Tour

For my first full day in N.O. I went on a swamp tour with some of my family. We drove out to the "west bank", about 20 min. from down town N.O. to Jean Lafitte's Swamp. We stopped on the way for some Po' boys.

The parking lot was quite a scene, cats were roaming all over,

there were plenty of souvenirs, including gator pencils:

The swamp itself was a sight to behold, so different than anything up north.

Here is our tour guide, he said he doesn't live in a shack like Bobby Bouchet from The Waterboy, but his grandparents did.

Since it is winter, the big gators were hibernating, so we only saw baby gators. Spot the gator:

There was a gator on board the boat that we passed around:

I'll have to go back in the spring when the gators are huge and come up to the boat begging for marshmallows.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 'Nawlins Style

I'm back from my trip to New Orleans, Louisiana for a thanksgiving family reunion. I have lots of pictures and stories to share, but I have so much homework, I really shouldn't be blogging. So I will post just a few photos to give y'all a taste.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

You Tube Gems

I've yet to post you tube vid's on my blog, so here are two of my fave.

1) Dr. Dog's "Fools Life" set to a 1950's bicycle saftey video.

I just recently found out about Dr. Dog (thanks Shea) and they are becoming on of my favorite bands. They sort of sound like The Kinks but they are from my generation. "Fools Life" isn't my favorite song by them, but the way it sync's up to this crazy video is great. The video itself is great, kids in gorilla masks on old cruisers! I know I said only two videos but I was just reminded of this video that Megan showed me:
1b)Bat For Lashes- "Whats a Girl to Do"

Fast forward to 00:35 if your really impatient, but trust me you'll want to watch this a few times. I'm undecided on how much I like this band or not. But this vid, for sure.

2) Maru the Cat

So, this isn't new so you may have already seen it, perhaps I even showed it to you. It makes everyone laugh, alot. What is it about sprawled fat cats that is universally enjoyable? What I just typed reminds me of this great Tapir Vid comment...

2b) Tapir Massage

Back in GD1 I was working on a project that involved a lot of Tapir Research and lead me into the AMAZING world of tapir videos on you tube (beware of seemingly innocent video titles like "Tapir eating bread" which is really a vid of the tapirs extremly freakishly long penis.) The best part is the comments section! Tapir fanatics and weirdos alike post off the wall comments, I have screen shots somewhere, but here are just some I copied:
(I know there are alot below, but I seriously restrained my self, these are only some of the great comments)

D00nhamer (9 months ago)
tylerchester88 (9 months ago)
this vid makes me horney
6ooboii (9 months ago)
was she jacking him off at 16sec ????
This is the way every tapir in the world should be treated!
wolfpackforlife (10 months ago)
The girl in this video was arrested shortly after this was taken.
REDTYGER62 (1 year ago)
This is great vid. She looks like a very nice girl. Love the tapir.
etiennecartier1 (1 year ago)
Very Cool!
I have a friend that looks like just a Tapir.
He is cool though.....We call him Tapy..
pure perfection
ohmygoodgosh9 (1 year ago)
tapirs are cool
vlunkk (1 year ago)
cute girl, where can I hire a tapirsuit?
6V92TA (1 year ago)
im wit you...where can i buy a Tapir i can get a rub down by the cute girl too!
azizi3929 (1 year ago)
can you ride a tapir?...just curious...
Johnf85 (1 year ago)
i dont think your supposed to...but you can......i found a way
Rabanastre (7 months ago)
tapirs are so cute ^^
fobchic221 (4 months ago)
yeah one "talked" 2 me and my dad in san diego
rononomikon (5 months ago)
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what the?!?!?!
0:15: hand goes down and away...
0:18: tapir's leg starts to go up extra far...
0:25: you see her arm start moving back and forth again, and the tapir's leg goes back down...
tell me she's not rubbing its privates... :(
My fave comment:

Whatever it is about tapirs that inspire the jump blues, i get it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

For Jack

Some fashion drawings I did on construction paper last semester, found them while rummaging through stuff to sell at the art sale. BUT the night before, I did this drawing of Naomi Campbell, from an YSL ad in W magazine. Once I saw this ad, I got why Jack likes her.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baier Likes Tinkertoys

I just finished my last advising appointment, and dropped off my class registration for my last semester at MCAD!!! The end is nigh. Here are 2 projects I just wrapped up:
TINKER TOYS- rebranding (logo + packaging for GD2) Check out the triangluar box I made:

Thanks to Lauren for all her support and excitment throughout this project.

Next, for Illustration I drew some Astrological Signs, the only problem is I did them really fast! So I don't know if they're really DONE or NOT? Can you guess what sign they are? (Abby?)

Thanks to Andres for the vellum!

Monday, November 3, 2008

My First Design Post!

Heres a quickie, for Typography 2 I spelled out a message in a real environment! Something I always thought of doing while stuffing 800 mailboxes while working in student affairs.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cult of Flowers

I've been getting into flowers pretty heavily this year, and I am considering it for the subject matter of my senior project. Currently I am collecting any and all info about flowers, (cultural associations/uses/whatever.) Let me know if you got some dirt on flowers. For instance, in my Native American art class I learned about "THE CULT OF FLOWERS", which in brief is when the Native Americans adopted floral imagery from the Europeans for use in their bead work. I scanned in these drawings from my sketchbook, which are a bit different from my usually way of drawing. These are of my orchid plant in my room, so they are still life's, I guess.

Oh No! They got all closed up!

Whew! They opened back up.

This is not an orchid, where did this come from?

This I scaned in because every time I flip through my sketchbook in class to find what page I'm on, this page inevitable plops open for all to see. It's somewhat embarrasing, but not really.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Leaves & the 21st Century

I just scanned in this screen print I did last year and wanted to share it with the Internet. It was just a test print, but as you all know success is often unintentional (a.k.a. happy accidents.) I was printing leaves and tested it on some paper that Natalie had test printed her brown eggs on, that accompanied a chicken. It turned out rather magical.

I scanned that in because I thought it would work well as a background for the Illustration I'm working on. This brings us to the 21st Century part: Digital Illustrations! I have colored 3 illustrations digitally so far this semester, which is rare for me, BUT I'm getting into it. I do all the line work by hand, and then scan in and color it with the wacom tablet. In this last one I scanned in textures, and the leaf print so it wouldn't be so flat. It is for 4 events going on in Mpls on a random weekend (Rauschenberg show, hip hop dance, comic con, and Prairie Home Companion) ALSO we could only use pink, yellow, & green. Still not sure about the pink.

This is the first digital piece of the semester, "Berger Hauler" or "The Perfect Summer" about a dude (Will Hayes) who steals a bus for the summer and camps out in a parking lot.

This is about a forest by my house.