Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ruminations on a Room

This is the second year I am living in my current room. Since I moved to MN, I haven't stayed in one room for too long, so I haven't cared much to personalize them. Bedrooms are important places to think and recover from the day. Some say they are your sanctuary. This can be hard for students and young people becuase we often have to share rooms, move frequently, and live in squalor. I often spend time laying awake on my bed staring at my walls thinking. What is on my walls affects my mood and thoughts because I look at them so often. So, It's good for me to have visually inspiring stuff in my room. Also, as of late actions have been taken to keep my room cleaner. The "Catch All" basket, that I have mentioned before, has been a great tool. It catches everything that you don't have time to put in it's home. Such as clothes, bags, whatever, anything you would have strewn on the floor. It's mere presence encourages me to put things away.

I got this great yellow dresser in the alley by my house, the best part is that it has a light at the bottom! I think it was made to light up your shoes.

Next are my work areas. This desk is also from the alley, it is suppose to be my clean desk for laptop work and studying. And the home of my orchid.

This is my fine art desk for drawing and painting, it hasn't gotten as much use as I'd like this semester.

This one is for Lauren, the door to leave my room is covered in lists and calenders.

On top of my two windows and closet door I have little shelves that I take advantage of.

Lets take some close ups.
Here is a little box I made with dividers for all my hair accessories. It is labeled "Kelly's Hair Things."

Learned this trick for hanging scarves from Abby.

Is this a jungle or a dresser top?

And, finnaly, my minimalist corner.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my room and would like to see yours, perhaps. I took all these photos with photobooth, so they are pretty low-fi, but they have a strange webcam look that I like.
I keep breaking my record for how late I am staying up doing homework, but still after 3.25 years at MCAD have not "pulled an all nighter", I have always gone to bed for at least a few hours. My semester so far has felt like finals the whole time.
I will leave you with a theme appropriate video:

And the best photo booth pic I have taken of myself yet. I am posing for an Illustartion in which I am holding a cat.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Turning Over a New Leaf

This is a little late, a flyer for a meal of bbq wings Shea made me for dinner after my first day back to school. That was a few weeks ago, but I can still remember how tasty they were. The first time I looked at the poster I didn't even see myself in it!!! Can you find me?
Every school year, every time I clean my room, every time I put off my homework till the last minute, I vow to myself to turn over a new leaf. So far my room has stayed clean, thanks in part to the new implimantation of my "catch-all basket."
Whitney and I went into a chat room tonight. Things have changed since I was 14. Now everyone has a webcam, and if you don't they don't want to talk to you. Also, be cautious about accepting video messages from people. If you're interested in some fun chatroom pranks to pull, ask Dylan.