Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Month in MN

I've been in MN for the month of June, spending most of my time at my parent's house in Bloomington. My parent's moved while I was in college, so I've never actually lived in this house. However, my parents have had the same appliances and furniture forever, so it doesn't seem that foreign. I've been working on a lot of outdoor projects with my dad. When I was younger I hated having to drag the hose all over the yard to water the plants, and all my other chores. Now I enjoy the gardening and working outside, probably because my normal routine is pretty stagnant.
My parent's backyard.

The bat box, clearly labeled so other animals don't come knocking.

One of two gardens, with lots of lettuce and tomatoes.
Raspberry bushes!

And now a quick room tour of the 'guest room' in my parents basement, where my brother and I have both briefly stayed.

The previous resident covered the celling with glow in the dark stars, can you spot the big dipper?
Good intentions for a make-shift studio, not yet used.
My brother's decorating.
All my possessions, and some exercise equipment, stacked against one wall.

I recommend a visit to the Como Zoo and Conservatory, because admission is donation based and they now have a butterfly garden. The one rule: "Please do not touch the butterflies. Let the butterflies touch you."