Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Now That School is Over...

I will have more time for linger activities like blog posting. I won't be busy with work till the end of May, so I will have more free time than lingers are comfortable with. I foresee a lot of not being able to get out of bed and regretting wasting time and not being productive.
On a more related note, this blog is about all things Nerdlinger, so I will start with a small sample list of NL activities:
1. Watching "Lost" on the school computers, streaming it from ABC.com on a Sat. night.
2. Don't talk to Strange Nerdlingers, they are harmless but will wrap you up in boring conversations like (Oh, do you live there, I always wondered what it looked like on the inside? Is there a lot of old wood?)
3. Nerdlingers evolutionary younger sibling is the lizardlinger.
4. Whenever you spot a NL in public, you have to point it out to whoever your with, or you by default are a Nerdlinger.